Our Brands

Our buying team strive to bring our customers a selection of exclusive brands at key price points. All the brands listed below are entirely owned by RD Wines to offer our customers the perfect choice when putting together a wine offering for any style of venue.

Goose Beret Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, New Zealand

Our exclusive New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is produced by one of New Zelands top wine makers. The wine itself comes from vineyards that lie between the Wairau River and Cloudy Bay – where the rich topsoil of the lower Wairau Valley, combine with the Rarangi alluvial deposits help to produce grapes with complex flavour profiles. The wine is bursting with ripe tropical aromas of passion fruit and guava, while the palate is full and rich with intense gooseberry and citrus flavours leading to a crisp finish.

Adivino Tempranillo Tinto Rioja, Spain

The winery is located in Lapuebla de Labarca a small village in the south of Rioja Alavesa by the side of the river Ebro, one of the most important rivers in Spain. Despite the fact that all of the vineyards are close to the winery there is a wide difference in grape ripening due to the different height, soil and exposition of the vines. This guarantees that we can get perfect grapes every year for the production of this exclusive RDWines label. The wine is a fresh, light and fruity red produced by a traditional carbonic maceration process from de-stemmed grapes giving good colour and acidity.

La Laguna Range Central Chile

La Laguna means the lagoon or small lake in Spanish, the language of Chile where the grapes for La Laguna are grown. The vineyard areas are based around rivers and lakes which provide the essential water for the vines. The range of La Laguna wines is made and bottled exclusively for RDWines in the Central Valley by a carefully selected producer, who own all of their own vineyards, The grapes are picked in the cool of the night to keep their fresh acidity and vibrant fruit flavours.

Prosecco Siva Veneto, Italy

Prosecco is enjoying huge popularity at the moment, but there are very varied quality levels and it is essential for this quintessential Italian fizz not to lose sight of the quality and character. Prosecco “SIVA” Spumante has been very carefully made in order to retain the natural characteristics of the wine. It is produced exclusively for RD Wines by a top winery in Northern Italy. It is an enjoyable, everyday drinking wine.

Charles De Villenfin Champagne, France

Our "House Champagne" is produced exclusively for RD Wines by a small family owned producer who have been involved with growing grapes and producing Champagne since 1670. Based in the picturesque village of Champillion, near Epernay. The current generation, maintain the family tradition of producing quality Champagnes from the best grapes from both their own vineyards and with those they have long term contracts from all the best villages in the region. All their wines are produced and aged in their cellars on the edge of the village, overlooking the regions best vineyards on the slopes of the Montagne de Reims and with views of the Abbey at Hautvilliers, the Marne Valley and the city of Epernay.

Cepas Range, Argentina

Their history began in 1939 when a leading Italian family emigrated to Argentina from Italy, initially selling wine from a barrel on the front of a bike. Over time they bought more land and established a winery in San Martin, East Mendoza.

The tradition continues today which is based on the original principles for developing fine wines, honouring the principles that gave rise to the founders dream: to be a solid project in time, sustaining youth, dynamism and intelligence to adapt to changes. This focus has been successful, today the family are a top ten leading Argentine winery with both a strong domestic market and an ever increasing presence in export markets – China, US, Brazil, Europe, Russia etc.

Millers Creek Range, South East Australia

Another of our exclusive ranges, produced in South-Eastern Australia which rather than being a wine region in the standard sense, is officially classified as a viticultural ‘super zone’. It covers the entire south-eastern third of Australia, a vast area reaching from the Pacific coast in Queensland to the Indian Ocean in South Australia, with over 150,000 hectares under vine. Between these two oceans the Australian continent offers up dry riverbeds, rainforest, mountain ranges, endless scrubland, red deserts and eventually the cooler wine-growing valleys of the south coast. Millers Creek is produced in soils consisting of limestone, clay and sand and the climate is characterised by low rainfall and relatively mild summer temperatures. Most South-Eastern Australian wines are made from the widely known vinifera grape varieties, which already have an established reputation and following; this range being no exception.

Campo De Fiori Pinot Grigio Hungary

Based in the foothills of the Matra Mountains North East of Budapest these vineyards have the perfect conditions for Pinot Grigio with cold winters to rest the vines and long hot summer days to fully ripen the fruit.

A cool fermentation process allows the grapes to retain their fruit and aromatic qualities giving a wine with citrusy and apple notes leading to a balanced floral finish. Made exclusively for RD Wines it offers a serious option to other Pinot Grigio.

Painted Bird White Zinfandel, USA

Opening a bottle of Californian wine is like opening a bottle of sunshine and the Painted Bird Pink Zinfandel is no exception. Zinfandel is California’s ‘own’ grape and is bursting with the intense red fruit flavours that come from being ripened in the Californian sun. We pick our grapes a little bit earlier which makes our wine just a little bit paler in colour and more delicate that many Californian Rosés. Which means you get layers of fruit flavour rather than head thumping alcohol.

Eleonas Estate, Olive Oil, Kalamata, Greece

Superior quality Greek extra virgin olive oil from our family owned estate in the Southern Peloponnese. Shipped exclusively by RD Wines this is no ordinary olive oil and has been personally recommended by Patrick Guilbaud, Proprietor of the Two Michelin Star “Resturant Patrick Guilbaud” Dublin. This is the ultimate oil with incredibly low acidity (normally approx 0.2-0.3%.) Extra virgin oil has to be less than 0.8%. Cold pressed, first press, pure juice and is ideal for table use – enhancing salads, meat and fish or simply to be enjoyed with fresh bread. The oil comes in 5 litre tins, 500ml & 250ml single bottles.

Our Agencies

We have our own brands supplemented by a strong agency business. Many of these producers have had a long successful partnership with RD Wines.

Chateau Lamothe De Haux Bordeaux

Chateau Lamothe was the first estate that Margie and Rodney Densem started importing over 40 years ago. The Chateau’s foundations date back to the 16th Century. Its renovation in the 19th century transformed the building into its current magnificent façade that is featured on the current label. Located in the commune of Haux, on top of a clay-limestone slope in the heart of the Bordeaux wine country, this estate has been devoted to winegrowing from the very beginning, and has belonged to the same family for 4 generations. The 80 hectares of vineyards, including those of neighbouring Chateau Manos, purchased in 1991, are managed by Anne Neel and her children Maria and Damien Chombart. As time went on the owners of Lamothe expanded their vineyard holdings, renovated impressive underground galleries and turned them into cellars and achieved a fine reputation for their wines both in France and abroad.

Visit Chateau Lamothe official website.

L'univers Lamothe de Haux!

Forget Brimont Champagne, France

Champagne Forget Brimont is a small producer of Champagne located in Craon de Ludes. 6th Generation Champenoise Michel Forget is the current owner and winemaker. The estate can trace it roots back to the early nineteenth century when his ancestor, Louis, first created vineyards in the area. The Champagne Forget Brimont brand was established in 1920 by another relative, Eugène. The company owns 15 hectares of vineyards in the Montage de Reims with Grand Cru vineyards at Mailly Champagne and Verzenay, and Premier Cru vineyards at Chigny-Les-Roses, Ludes and Villers-Allerand. Pinot Noir is the most predominantly planted grape variety. Approximately 280,000 bottles of Champagne are produced in a normal vintage and around 55% is destined for export markets.

Monmarthe Champagne, France

The Monmarthe Family have been residing in Champagne since 1737. The main aim of the founders was to produce excellent wines without compromising on quality. In 1930 they decided to launch their own brand rather than make the base still wines for other houses. The production continues to be very low to this day with the emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Thanks to Leon and his wife Anne Marie, Champagne Monmarthe developed a reputation for quality. The first exports from this tiny house was started in the 1990’s and a period of modernisation then followed. Today the house is run by 6th Generation Jean Guy Monmarthe.

Domaine Alain Geoffroy Chablis, france

The Chablis wine region is located mid-way between Beaune and Paris, on the so-called “sunshine route”. Its vineyards start to stretch at the entrance of Burgundy. In the mid 19th Century, Honoré Geoffroy started to nurture his vineyards over the villages of Beines and La Chapelle-Vaupelteigne, in the heart of the Chablis wine region. Alain Geoffroy then elevated the property to a Domaine status. A worthy heir to previous generations, he kept his family winemaking style while developping new techniques. Backed by the whole family working on the development of the Domaine, our wines have been granted with many rewards. We have a little more than 50 hectares of producing vineyards and have gathered a young and dynamic team, to produce fresh, fruity Chablis wines, full of mineral expression, in accordance with the tradition. Large stainless steel vats are used for the wine-making to preserve the freshness and the typical character of the Chablis wines. Wines made from “Vieilles Vignes” vines are vinified in oak barrels. The wines are bottled exclusively on the Domaine. Particularly elevated by their finesse and their mineral characteristics, and enhanced by their long finish, our Chablis wines express all the elegancy of the Chardonnay grape. In our peaceful cellar, our wines are happy to express themselves and age for a few more years.

Cielo Winery Veneto, Italy

Cielo draw on their history, vineyard reach and in depth knowledge of Italy to produce some great quality traditional wines such as Bardolino, Amarone, Primitivo and Pinot Grigio. But they are also one of the most innovative wineries in the country so they have exciting and different wines to offer such as sparkling wine and Prosecco.

Domaine Freres Loire Valley, France

Our range of premium house wines from Drouet Freres have gone from strength to strength. They are now a permanent feature and listed by many of our top clients.

The company itself was established in the Loire Valley in 1880. Today, they have some of the best wine making facilities in Southern France and own several estates which make them regional leaders in white wine making.

Marques De Somera Range Carinena, Spain

From the DO appellation of Carinena in Aragon to the north-east of Spain, where the extreme continental climate, local cierzo (a cold, dry north-west wind) and the very low rainfall, traditionally accounted for wines with a high alcohol content. Today, modern vinification techniques mean that wines like Marques de Somera are produced with a fresher, lighter, fruitier, more aromatic style. There are 1,700 hectares of vines standing 531 metres above sea level at Longares, with vineyards which remain largely un-irrigated containing low yielding, 25 year old hand-picked bush vines. Winemaker Ana Becoechea produces this wonderful range of wines exclusively for RD Wines at the Covinca winery.

Domaine Caves De Fleurie Beaujolais France

When men were called for duty during the First Wold War, women had to compensate the loss of workforce and started to work in the vineyards.

The same women therefore started to develop cooperation in the village of Fleurie.

Since 1932, the Chabert family has been at the head of la Cave des producteurs de Fleurie.

Marguerite Chabert was the first woman in France to run a cooperative firm.

Helped by her extraordinary and skilful character, Marguerite Chabert took control of the winery in 1946 and contributed to its development during the next 40 years.

Her strong personality helped her in getting her ideas being accepted while being surrounded mainly by a manly workforce.

Today our winery includes 280 members for 300 hectares, stretching mainly in Fleurie appellation.

Enter only if you are at least 18 years of age