Forest Gin 70cl

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Forest Gin is distilled in batches of a maximum of 85 bottles at a time. Each bottle contains these key elements:

SOURCED: Organic Juniper Berries, Organic Coriander Seeds, Superior quality Vanilla pods, Liquorice root, Angelica and others

FORAGED: Wild Bilberries, Raspberries & Blackberries, Peak District Moss & Ferns, A sprinkling of wild flowers, spruce & pine

WATER: The softest Forest Spring Water, From our distillery spring 1,200 ft above sea level, An ancient spring in the Peak District

These ingredients are ground by hand using a pestle & mortar, before being distilled in Cheshire. The alcohol vapour and the flavoursome oils from the botanicals reach a copper condenser, where they are immediatley cooled. This fragrant spirit is then blended with spring water to create unfiltered London Dry Gin of the very highest quality.

42% ABV


Forest Gin
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